I have been leading personal and professional growth retreats for 7 years on Maui. I love to take both individuals and groups to breathtaking places for a combination of life changing inner work and adventure. The power places in nature instigate transformation that is rarely if ever possible in the narrow confines of your normal life.


Imagine spending a day in a beautiful remote place on Maui—like hiking inside the dormant volcano Haleakala, “House of the Sun.” You are away from your routine, your office, your cell phone, and your busy-ness mindset. You have time to breathe and take a good look at your life. Things that have been nagging at you in the back of your mind come to the fore. . . the really important things that you have not made time for but would torment you if you died without taking care of them.

On the retreats, we spend a few hours in the morning talking about your issues and processing the challenges and feelings related to them. When these big boulders are out of the way, the stream of ideas and plans begin to take shape and flow spontaneously. I trust your process and the time it takes to unfold. When we are out in the wilds, you will remember: there is something so primal about Nature, something so inspiring, that you will wonder how you got so caught up in your life that you forgot (or never had?) your love of the wilderness.

From 30,000 feet, your world looks so different. You are not on the hamster wheel of stress and mega-responsibility that got you sidetracked because you didn’t take time out to assess what’s most important in your life.

In the afternoon, after our morning of focused work and strategy planning, we can hike on a misty trail or snorkel with schools of fish. I can teach you to surf or whatever stirs your imagination and inspiration. The learning of the morning gets physically anchored in a powerful way in nature. We talk about how to apply the new insights into your daily life.

I recommend one or more coaching sessions after your retreat to implement your objectives.

Consider a yearly retreat with Nina to reflect over the past year, make important changes and set exciting goals for the next year. This can be done at any time of the year you feel inspired.

After experiencing a retreat with Nina, you will notice increasing levels of joie de vivre!
Your life will have deeper meaning.

Contact Nina to schedule your retreat:  nina@ninacherry.com


Whenever I get married, I hope my wedding day can be as ecstatic as this retreat day.

 – Geralyn St Louis, Edmonton, Canada