As CEOs, business owners, and professionals, you are very knowledgeable and competent. What can block you from your greatest successes in work and in life is simply getting in your own way.

Together we’ll look at your work habits so they’ll go up an octave in efficiency. I’ll guide you in increasing your EQ – your emotional intelligence so you can be a stronger, healthier, and more charismatic leader. I will bring awareness to your blind spots in a compassionate way (we all have them.)

The results: more focus and productivity, higher physical energy, increased emotional resilience, and more time to do what you love!

Nina working with executives in Honolulu

Mastering Your Inner Game

Everyone has one or more inner habits that are holding them back from their optimum productivity such as overwork, stress and burn out, difficulty making decisions, procrastination, self-doubt, anxiety, fears, controlling the work and not delegating, or getting triggered and reacting in ways that hurt the people around you and affect your reputation.

My job is to increase your mindfulness, guide you in transforming the behaviors, and catalyze lasting change inside you!

Business is like sports these days. It’s not who can jump the highest or run the fastest who will prevail. The winner is the one who excels in the inner game — the inner game of business.

If you’d like to develop greater productivity, personal magnetism, and increased emotional intelligence, I invite you to engage in one of my 3-month coaching programs. Most people renew at the end of the three months, and you can continue on to increase the results for as long as you want.

Leadership Mastery Coaching Program                   

For CEOs, Business Owners, & Professionals

This 3-Month Program includes 9 Executive Coaching Sessions  45 – 60 minutes each. Sessions are weekly, 3 times a month, with one week off on the 4th week.

Email support is included between sessions.

The greatest leaders know that success starts on the inside. If you’d like to explore this opportunity, please apply here: Intro Form.

When I get your information, I’ll schedule a free Discovery Call with you to learn more about you and your business. We’ll see if we are a good fit for my coaching program.

If you’d like more information, please email me at

To your thriving business and meaningful life!  Nina

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Transform the habits and inner obstacles in the way of productivity for a thriving business and a meaningful life