Nina Cherry is a graduate of Corporate Coach University and has 20 years of experience as a business and executive coach.

To inspire you, Nina draws from rich life experiences and adventures in nature. She acts as your confidant, sounding board, thinking partner, and accountability coach.

Nina will examine your objectives as a leader to ensure that you are acting as the visionary (and perhaps the rainmaker) and not getting caught up in the tactical jobs that should be delegated to others.

Is it time to reflect on any of these key areas?

  • Upleveling your leadership and communication skills
  • Illuminating your blind spots and poor habits
  • Creating and implementing strategic plans
  • Preventing burnout

Become an even more effective leader (and have a more fulfilling personal life) by getting organized, prioritizing, delegating, and having an action plan.

Executive coaching with Nina begins with an in-depth session to get a reading on the health of your organization and your strength as a leader.

To increase your effectiveness and productivity, she might suggest an assessment tool such as 360° Feedback, DISC Personality and Management Style Inventory, or StrengthFinders for a road map to improvement.

Nina’s specialty is helping you become more effective by mastering your emotions, triggers, and behaviors that cause you difficulties and alienate others. She will bring attention to the ways you manage your energy as well as your time.

She works with you to enhance your self-care with fun exercise, tips for longevity, and major stress reduction. Your energy will soar! You will have better focus and more time to do all the things you love most.

Give yourself a memorable gift by engaging in a Leadership Retreat with Nina on Maui, tailored just for your needs. You can plan your next 6 months, re-think your priorities, and recharge in nature.

Because Nina was born and raised in the islands, she knows the breathtaking places that tourists rarely see.

Her mission is to ignite your self-mastery for a thriving business and a meaningful life.