Many professionals struggle with overwhelm, procrastination, poor communication skills, self-doubt, distraction from highest goals, and other self-limiting behaviors. I offer coaching and online courses to help you in mastering your inner game.

I see the signs when you need to make changes. Clients have said I have an uncanny ability to assess their leadership skills. I look for the root causes and help to transform limiting patterns.

I have a sixth sense in ferreting out “blind spots” and helping you discover the ways you might be sabotaging your personal power or the growth of your business. Often the problem lies in the area of communication—not listening well, playing favorites, discounting feedback, delegating insufficiently, or making unilateral decisions.

Most people have some issue that has held them back since they were a child. It shows up in relationships, in business, finances, and all different areas of life. This is my real gift—helping you identify the issue and transform it. It has to do with The One Big Thing that has been in the way of your professional success and your personal happiness. You may know what it is. I can help you turn it around when you are ready.

Nina LeighI believe that many leaders are disconnected from their core values and from the vision of their best life. This results in incongruence between words, actions, and ethics—which astute people can discern!

I am called a strengths-based coach—I support you in developing your natural talents and gifts. With this approach, your actions become more authentic and transparent. There is less stress and more joy in your life!

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