I have been most impressed with Nina’s coaching and organizational development skills. Nina’s guidance has enabled me to put together forward thinking plans that had been ignored for 10 years. Due to Nina we have actionable short and long term plans, and we have a road map on how to get there. More importantly, Nina’s nudging and insight has given me a personal and organizational planning discipline that I previously lacked. No amount of leadership, organizational, and time management books can make up for the quality coaching I get from Nina.

 – Steve Colón, President, Hunt Companies, Hawaii Division

Nina helped my organization’s front-line leaders better understand what operational and strategic moves we need to make in order to take the organization from good to GREAT. I’ve been searching for a local professional to offer a fresh, outside perspective on our current business practices and found Nina’s leadership/business experience to be exactly what we needed.

 – LTC Courtney Vares-Lum, Commander, Hawaii Army Guard Recruiting and Retention Battalion

Nina’s assistance in helping me to keep on track with my strategic goals is priceless. She is quietly, firmly persistent in ensuring I do what I will commit to! It is so easy for me to get caught up in the daily operations; Nina helps me to stay focused and plan for setting time aside to work on our company goals. Nina sees my strengths and supports me in building them.

 – Debi Halcro, President, Valenti Print Group – Honolulu

Nina has been instrumental in establishing a structure of accountability for me. Her experience in coaching executives is priceless in seeking viable, workable solutions to a myriad of challenges. It’s all about asking the tough questions. Nina’s genius is couching the question in a way that allows thoughtful and often creative responses. I so look forward to our sessions that it’s often difficult to stay on topic. Here again she is stalwart.

 – Mark Richards, President, Maryl Group – Honolulu

Nina Cherry is a compassionate and genuine professional. She is my objective accountability partner. She inspires and challenges me. With her help, I’ve overcome self-imposed limitations. My work and personal life has gone to the next level and I’m loving it!

 – Lanette Bourg, Vice President, National Fire Protection Co., Inc.

Nina’s coaching has been invaluable. I have learned to identify the barriers and key performance issues that have been holding me back. Nina is incredibly skilled at asking the tough questions that have helped me see things from different perspectives, and she holds me accountable for achieving my goals. Nina is not only challenging and insightful, but also patient and understanding, with remarkable instincts and knowledge. Her coaching style is a perfect fit for any business leader who wants to perform at a higher level.

 – Bill Brizee, President and CEO, Architects Hawaii

You resource trust and provide objectivity and accountability. The 121 evaluations have been insightful and instrumental to my daily challenges. You’ve become a voice of reason and calm to the occasional business ‘madness’. I look forward to the accountability in executing my business plan as it will become a structural support system that will not only benefit me, but everyone who works for my firm.

 – Matt Bittick, CEO Bishop Street Commercial, Honolulu

I especially appreciated your professionalism and the excellent rapport you were able to establish with the staff. There was a sense of fun and active participation giving the staff the opportunity to try new skills immediately in a safe environment. Many staff members have approached me since the training and mentioned how much they enjoyed it, as well as how helpful and practical it has been to them.

 – Elise T. Bales, Community Services Consortium Head Start Education, Eugene, OR

We are more than an executive designed to just execute for our companies. Executives are human beings with emotions, families, friends, passions and needs that often are in conflict with the corporate goals. To be effective and thrive, an executive needs to have her / his needs identified and nurtured. Nina has, as part of her DNA, the ability to see the whole person. She is every much as competent at business as the next coach but her ability to see the whole person allows her to be more effective than a sterile “its all business” coach.

 – Paul Sutherland, President and Chief Investment Officer, FIM Group, Maui, Hawaii

Our first retreat day with you, Nina, was really an amazing, life changing day. It so lifted my spirits to another level.

 – Geralyn St Louis, Edmonton, Canada

With Nina’s listening skills, depth of experience and unfailing intuition, I have been able to let go blocks to my success. . . emotional, mental, and practical. After that the “how tos” have become simple and attainable. Nina’s dedication to the transformation “waiting to happen” is powerfully enabled by her skillfulness and integrity.

 – Susan L. Currie, Wellbeing Coach, Gainesville, FL

I have great gratitude for the positive influences you are helping to bring into my work and life via the passion of your life’s work.

 – Richard Marks, Photographer, Videographer, Kihei, Maui

I came to Nina depressed and full of self-doubt. Thanks to her my confidence is soaring and I’m once again enjoying doing the things I love!

 – Donna B, Actress, Marina Del Rey, CA

I am simply staggered by the quantum leaps I have experienced since my work with you. . . I am eternally grateful.

– C.E., Financial Planner, Eugene, Oregon

You’re such a good coach. I love the way you work. You’re non-invasive and yet you interject great wisdom just at the right time.

– A. W., Counselor, Green Valley, Arizona

Nina keeps me moving in a spontaneous and creative thinking mode. It is continual brainstorming!

– J.B., Attorney, Santa Fe, New Mexico

You go to the very heart of the matter. You offer wisdom and you create a high level of safety which enables me to grow faster and deeper than I would by myself.

 – Diana Owens, MSW, Coach, Arizona

My life is so much MORE. . . more dynamic, more clear, more present, more effective, more my own, thanks to the work we do together.

– Jacie Pratt, Roseburg, Oregon

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I navigated rough seas with your help this summer.

– M.W., Attorney, Eugene, Oregon

It was a pleasure to work with Nina as a participant in one of her eight-month workshops. She is an excellent role model for self care. She has my wholehearted endorsement.

– Gary LeClair, MD Eugene, Oregon

I had an absolute shift from the RECREATE YOUR LIFE course . . .unimaginable! I’m blown away!

– M. Thompson, Maui