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Mastering Your Triggers

Every one of us has tender places within our emotional make-up where we “lose it” when we are triggered. An important part of our personal growth is to learn what issues trigger us, which coping behaviors kick in automatically, and how to transform the whole pattern so that it doesn’t alienate others, ruin our reputation, […]

Mastering Your Inner Game

You may have noticed the trend towards self-awareness and mindful leadership. Arrogance and bullying are OUT and mindfulness is IN. Harvard Business Review has a new category that recent articles fall under: “Managing Yourself.” In their book Emotional Intelligence 2.0, Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves discuss the four skills that make up emotional intelligence. They […]

Taking Time for Yourself

When was the last time you took time out for yourself to contemplate your life? I’m not talking about an hour, or 18 holes of golf, or a family vacation. I mean time alone. . . time to reflect on your life, your vision for your life, your decisions and the consequences of those choices. […]

Mindfulness To Enhance Your Life

In the last twenty years, meditation has come down from the Himalayas into our offices and boardrooms. The practice of mindfulness—deliberate attention to the present moment—has permeated many savvy business peoples’ lives, bringing richness and meaning to an otherwise fast paced, exhausting and sometimes overwhelming rat race. Mindfulness can be brought into your life, too, […]

Death By Sitting

Up until now I have been spending 8-12 hours most days sitting in front of my computer—a habit scientists cite as being as bad for your health as smoking! Outside of those hours I get exercise several times a week hiking, swimming and paddle boarding. At first it was supposed that going to the gym […]