Nina Cherry is a business, life, leadership coach and counselor with many decades of experience. She helps CEOs and professionals get to the bottom of their most challenging issues both personally and professionally with her extensive training and rich life experience.

At the core of Nina’s coaching is her passion for empowering people to achieve their personal best. Her passion is complimented by her 33 years of experience working with professionals one-on-one and in groups.

Nina had extensive training as a transformational therapist, and throughout two decades in private practice in Oregon she trained psychotherapists, physicians, and clergy in advanced counseling skills.

After getting her degree in Human Resource Management, Nina graduated from a two-year Corporate and Executive Coaching Training. By combining these backgrounds in depth psychology and business, she conveys her beliefs that excellent leadership involves bringing the inside self and personal development to the forefront.

Since 1984, Nina has coached and trained hundreds of professionals in the U.S. and Brazil in leadership and communication skills. She continues this work through her business Leadership Hawai’i.

In 2010 Vistage hired Nina on the spot to be the Founding Vistage Chairperson in Hawai’i. For six years she facilitated two Vistage peer advisory groups of executives who met monthly for a full day. She coached each CEO member two hours a month.

Nina was born and raised in Honolulu and grew up as an athlete surfing, slalom waterskiing, racing six-man Hawaiian canoes, and playing competitive soccer. See Surfer Girl of the Month.

Nina owned and managed three retail businesses on the waterfronts of Maui in her twenties, giving her much experience as a business owner.

One of her biggest accomplishments is raising and supporting her three children as a single parent.

Nina is passionate about the islands and balances her work with swimming and stand-up paddle boarding in beautiful remote places on the beautiful island of Maui.

Nina leads life-changing retreats on Maui and other islands for personal and professional growth. She grew up helling around O’ahu and knows the secret, sacred places that tourists rarely see. Click here to learn more about Nina’s Leadership Retreats.

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