Are you willing to re-examine your leadership habits to build a highly productive organization where people love coming to work?

Does your organization’s strategic plan need to be updated and implemented?

Can your employees recite your company’s purpose, mission, and values?

lh-presentation1Leadership Hawai’i can provide coaching in all these areas. Nina Cherry offers confidential professional development services for business leaders and teams of Hawai’i.

Services include:

  • Executive coaching to become the best leader getting the best results
  • Leadership development for staff and teams
  • Facilitation for more productive meetings
  • Customized trainings
  • Assessments for self-awareness and increased effectiveness
  • Retreats for CEOs, owners, leadership teams, and project teams

As a thought leader, Nina offers interactive seminars to ensure that the latest best practices are an integral part of your leadership and your company. Nina’s team covers a broad range of business topics including coaching skills for managers, advanced communication skills, compelling marketing and branding, employee motivation, and personal development topics such as self-care and making your leadership more personally fulfilling.

lh-image2Born and raised in Honolulu, Nina understands the challenges and issues Hawai’i executives face. She offers a seven-stage coaching program with built in accountability check-ins to help clients become self-actualized leaders who ignite high energy, high performing workplaces.

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