The Top Benefits of a Learning Vacation: Private Maui Retreats

The people most likely to benefit from an island retreat are those who want to take a 30,000-foot view of their life, clarify their life purpose, and design their work and life to reflect what is most important to them. Island retreats are customized to help leaders and professionals who are in transition, uninspired, starting a new business or project, sick of the job they have, unemployed, divorced, new to Hawai’i, or facing challenges which call for a total transformation of self.

Sometimes called “Learning Vacations,” Island Retreats catalyze profound changes in work and personal life, and infuse new meaning into all areas of one’s life.

Consider the benefits. Which ones appeal to you?

  1. Get clear about who you are, what you want, and where you are going
  2. Become more financially successful by living your purpose and vision
  3. Appreciate, develop, and leverage your strengths and innate gifts
  4. Clarify your life purpose and set goals which reflect your purpose
  5. Learn to meditate, rejuvenate in nature, and relieve every day stress
  6. Find your passion by connecting the work you do with who you are
  7. Build a stronger personal foundation for leadership and success
  8. Become more FOCUSED to save time, energy and money
  9. Prioritize and delegate more for better work-life balance
  10. Learn how to create workplaces where people love coming to work
  11. Develop a brilliant strategic plan which you will be held accountable to implement

If you’re looking for fresh perspective and innovation, imagine a Maui Retreat to get out of your usual routine. To create PASSION in your life, you need to clear the way for bold new endeavors.

When we feel uninspired, bored or unsatisfied, we sense something needs to change, but often it’s not clear how to do that.

On your private retreat, we take time out for you to take stock of what’s working and what’s NOT working in your company, your leadership style, your relationships – and even inside yourself. We get away from it all in breathtaking places in nature that are off the beaten track (places most tourists will never see.)

We drill down to what drives you, what inspires you, what drains and builds your energy! Together we redefine what’s most important to you and then restructure how to spend your time in your daily life to reflect your highest needs and values.

We look at your leadership habits and what needs to change to get the best performance out of your people. As you become self-actualized, you ignite high-energy, high-performing workplaces where people love coming to work!

Individuals who participate in my island retreats leave with a four-page strategic plan to implement in their work and life – completely customized to your goals and objectives.

As you make profound changes in yourself, you directly affect the culture of your company in dynamic ways. As you change your behavior to function at your best, you model the same for others. This is alchemical leadership!

Come for a Maui Retreat once a year to review, plan, and strategize your upcoming year so it is the best year ever!