Team Retreats For Higher Performance

Does your executive or management team need more cohesiveness or inspiration?

Maybe the team needs to move to a higher level of performance, or some of the members aren’t getting along well. Or perhaps you plan a retreat for them every year, and the time is now!

Escape from routine – from the four walls of your office – and return to nature.

Consider getting out of your office building, out of your routine, and returning to nature for inspiration and renewal. In a Leadership Hawai’i Island Retreat, teams have opportunities to plan strategies and reconnect outside of the stressful workplace.

A team retreat is a uniquely rewarding way to recognize the contributions of the members, show appreciation for your coworkers, and reinvigorate communication that is so critical to team success.

Activities and key takeaways include:

  1. Solutions to team’s business challenges with expert feedback from Nina and your peers
  2. Improved team dynamics with new awareness and skills
  3. Renewed bonding with coworkers in ways you never thought possible

Individuals and teams who participate in Leadership Hawai’i’s Island Retreats leave with a four-page strategic plan to implement immediately in their workplace – completely customized to their unique goals.

Expect these benefits:

  • Return to work feeling renewed and energized
  • Higher morale, higher functioning, better performance

If you’re looking for your next great executive retreat for your leadership or management, why not consider an island retreat on Maui? Get a fresh look and a new perspective into your most pressing business challenges – from 30,000 feet!

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