Limiting Beliefs Affect Your Leadership

Personal Beliefs Are Our Most Powerful Motivators

Whole person coaching usually begins with a client wanting to solve a professional problem or business challenge. As we drill down on the issues, our examination of the thought patterns and behaviors of a client often reveals personal obstacles to implementation. Some common indicators include beliefs like:

  • I can do it all myself
  • I don’t want to be held accountable
  • I can’t trust anybody else to do things properly
  • I need to win at any cost

Deep seated beliefs like these and their resulting attitudes create obstacles that trump strategic planning tools. By addressing these underlying issues and problems directly, a business person becomes exponentially more effective, and the strategic planning process becomes much easier to execute.

In a quiet moment, write about your life purpose and your values—what is most important to you. From a positive point of view, identify what motivates and inspires you: why you do what you do? But before you start this exercise, watch Simon Sinek’s brilliant Ted Talk, How Great Leaders Inspire Action. You’ll be so impressed with this powerful message.

As Sinek repeatedly notes, “people don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” Understanding why you do what you do really matters. And it’s not relegated to your professional life; it’s all encompassing to your identity. Unfortunately, sometimes leaders become so encumbered with self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that they lose sight of why they do what they do.

And that’s where effective coaching comes in. Think of working with a trustworthy, objective, caring professional coach to help you identify the beliefs and behaviors holding you back from your highest goals and life mission. You’ll be reinvigorated and ready to focus on the work that truly inspires you.


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