Leadership Retreats: Exponential ROI

Leaders Take Big Waves For Breakthroughs. When Was Your Last Life-Changing Adventure?

Adventure has always been important in my life. It brings me a sense of excitement and, because I usually find adventure in nature, a sense of awe at the beauty around me.

Many of my clients know what it’s like to be stuck in a dull position at work or in a routine lifestyle. For many years in my own life I was a working single mother supporting my three children. I longed to break away from my routine, but a sense of responsibility kept me from spending the rejuvenating time outdoors I deeply needed. The call to nature became quieter and quieter and that really scared me. Finally I vowed to honor that call – and make it a priority for self-regeneration. I recreated my life.

Recreation is a neat word. It implies we can recreate ourselves, our lives and our projects when we relax and have fun. When we engage in outdoor recreational activities, healing happens, inspiration comes, new neural pathways grow, and new ideas percolate.

How many of us really get the deep rest we need? To function optimally, we need to take time each week to do something that re-energizes and inspires us. Once or twice a year we need a great adventure for major breakthroughs!

If we ignore our yearning for adventure, we risk losing out on some of the most memorable, life-changing opportunities.

Island coaching retreats are transformational. Participants chart their course for greater success, challenge fitness levels, and reinvigorate their energy. Group retreats foster new friendships with like-minded peers. Retreats offer fresh brainstorming for the next steps in the greater vision of your life and work.

Attending a coaching retreat, a “learning vacation,” offers a unique opportunity to re-ignite your passion and purpose.

Popular island retreat activities include:

  • Hiking in power places tourists rarely see
  • Touring ancient Hawaiian temples and cultural sites
  • Kayaking with spinner dolphins, and humpback whales
  • Swimming with sea turtles, snorkeling with schools of colorful fish
  • Hiking a dormant volcano with magnificent views

Renewing yourself and re-envisioning your business while you walk on the beach sounds great, doesn’t it? This is often what it takes for a complete overhaul in your attitude.

What Do You Leave With?

  • A strategic plan with clear steps for execution
  • A fresh perspective that you can’t live without
  • A coaching plan to continue to implement what you learned on retreat

What good is a retreat if it is simply an information dump of great ideas and fun activities? It’s important to set up a coaching schedule for 6 weeks to 6 months after your return to anchor the changes you made on retreat. Otherwise, it is easy to fall into your old limiting patterns.

Interrupting our routine helps us focus on what matters most and puts our daily life into perspective. It also paves the way to make profound and visible changes. Think of how you can renew yourself as a leader or business owner with a meaningful adventure this year. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you are too busy or too old for it. This is about zest, work–life balance, and memorable peak experiences. . .the spice of life!