Leadership Coaching: Riding the Wave of Success

Is coaching right for you?

Though most executives report that they want a coach, coaching is not for the faint of heart. A good coach will stretch you outside your comfort zone, asking you tough questions and giving you feedback you may not want to hear–all with the aim of honing you into the best leader you can be.

One of the main reasons leaders hire coaches is for the accountability factor. After we develop your own strategic action plan (separate from your company’s strategic plan), I hold your feet to the fire to keep you accountable to the goals and objectives you have set.

Before moving forward with clients, I ask them the following four questions:

    1. What do you want from coaching? First, identify your specific business goals and career development milestones. Are you willing to think outside the box to reach these goals?
    2. What obstacles prevent you from reaching these goals? Consider your habits, leadership skills, work environment, and relationships. Are you open to making changes
    3. What keeps you up at night? Identify recurring thoughts, worries, and concerns. Are you willing to share honestly?
    4. How is your work/life balance? Describe your lifestyle and time management. Are you willing to change to become happier and more effective as a leader?

The answers to these questions illustrate a larger picture of how a potential client understands their strengths and limitations. This information gives me enough insight to provide initial feedback and recommendations based on each client’s unique coaching needs. Before a client decides to move forward with regular coaching sessions, I like to lay out a few expectations.

What To Expect From A Good Coach:

    • Curiosity, Not Judgment

A professional coach will notice your blind spots and poor habits, and point them out to you in a way that you can study them—as if you are in a learning laboratory. Sometimes this means being seen at a profound level. How many people do you know who really see who you are? All coaching sessions are completely private and confidential.

    • Focus On Behavior And “The Big Picture”

Effective coaching helps clients focus on the behavioral patterns that get in the way of success. Sometimes it means identifying communication skills you are not aware of, such as: poor eye contact, dysfunctional interactions with others, or off-putting personality traits.

    • Honesty

Helpful feedback might not sound exactly like what you expected to hear, but isn’t that why you hired a coach in the first place? Professional insight helps you identify thoughts and habits you may never have considered before. This wisdom provides you with the essential self-awareness to reach your objectives.

As a coach, I am both compassionate and direct. I’ve also been called relentless. I won’t let you fool yourself or continue behaving in self-defeating ways. I want you to be the BEST leader and person you can be.

With careful listening, reflection, and astute suggestions, effective coaching transports you firmly on the path of your highest goals.

What Do You Think? Is Coaching Right For You?