RECREATE YOUR LIFE From the Inside Out: 7 Steps to Designing and Living an Extraordinary Life

54 page Workbook $17.00 (US) PDF delivered by email or Hardcopy in binder: $27.00 (US) plus shipping

This workbook is designed to help you plan the rest of your life. You will get clear about your values, empower your vision, identify your life purpose so you know what you came here to do. Then you’ll set goals and develop a concrete action plan with timelines to actualize your destiny. You’ll clarify the next steps in your business or career with strategic planning.

There are many benefits to you of purchasing this home study course. RECREATE YOUR LIFE will help you to:

  • Be more clear about who you are, what you want and where you are going
  • Clarify your life purpose and set goals which reflect your purpose
  • Become more financially successful by living your purpose and vision
  • Appreciate, develop, and leverage your strengths
  • Find your passion by connecting who you are with the work you do
  • Build a stronger personal foundation for happiness and success
  • Become more focused. . . which saves time, energy, and money
  • Prioritize for better work-life balance

This course has been compiled from years of coaching clients and group participants to find their passion and express it more fully in their life and work. Nina’s mission is to assist people in doing what they love, finding balance between work and play, and enjoying life more. She developed this workbook to assist you in this meaningful and fulfilling journey.

The seven main steps to designing and creating an extraordinary life are:

  • Identifying your strengths
  • Clarifying your values
  • Writing your vision
  • Defining your life purpose
  • Setting goals which are both realistic and exciting
  • Creating a step-by-step action plan
  • Celebrating completion and success!

The RECREATE workbook PDF is $17.00 (US). Nina offers an UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE, so there is no risk!

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