Leadership Hawai’i’s VIP RETREATS are for individuals and teams. Take time out once a year to work ON your business instead of IN it. Get away from your routine, get into Nature, AND FOCUS ON WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT in your life and your career/business.


Nina’s leadership retreats focus on the real work: visioning, brainstorming, clarifying, strategic planning—-setting goals and priorities, and transforming limiting behaviors that hold you back from actualizing your highest aims such as living a life of meaning that satisfies your soul.

Individual Private Retreats

Private Retreats

Business leaders and professionals can contract with Nina for one or two day rejuvenating leadership retreats every year in nature to assess what’s working and what’s not working—and clarify your next steps. In the process, you are invited to transform the ways you might be sabotaging greater success and happiness. Nina guides you to make the powerful changes you’ve needed to address for decades. New and exciting directions emerge naturally in the beautiful and remote places that tourists rarely see.

Nina customizes every VIP leadership retreat according to your needs and fitness levels. After studying your intake assessment, she may suggest you make time for vision questing and soul searching, or increase your well-being by incorporating new habits for self care. You will leave with a step by step action plan which Nina will hold you accountable to implement in order to ensure those life changes stick.

Couples Retreats

Kayakers David Kamala

Bring your spouse, friend, or business partner to a private retreat with Nina. Prepare to immerse yourself in a way that is life changing. Nina customizes each retreat according to the needs of the two people.

Robert & Mary Ann

Couples can take a deeper look at the interpersonal dynamics in their relationship. How honestly do you communicate? Is it safe to share authentically? Do you fight fairly? Get conscious of any dysfunctional repeating patterns and learn new skills. Nina will guide you to recharge the love by making it safe to admit your part in disagreements and doing what it takes to create the loving relationship you want.

Business partners can engage in visioning, planning, and improving communication. Friends can engage in personal growth together in the wilds of Maui—on an unforgettable trip of a lifetime!

Team Retreats

Nina Leadership Retreats Photo

Nina customizes the curriculum to support the goals of the company. She gets buy-in from all team members at the leadership retreat by including everyone in the planning and visioning processes. Motivation and morale are noticeably increased.

Leadership Hawai’i Island Retreats change deep-seated patterns of thinking and behaving in leadership teams. Nina suggests activities and outings in beautiful places to apply the learning from the retreat work in the boardroom. She chooses adventures that are in keeping with the physical condition of the participants.

Nina Retreats

Too many corporate retreats are bland affairs that skirt the important issues and are designed merely to reinforce the company line. Nina designs outings for team building and holds people’s feet to the fire to create lasting change. Team members report satisfaction with the retreat results in the increased energy and enthusiasm in the workplace.

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