Nina Cherry specializes in team-building and team dynamics. Often an impediment to becoming a high-performing team is the reluctance of team members to be transparent and forthcoming so all can participate in changing limiting patterns of behavior. With Nina’s guidance, team members develop stellar interpersonal skills.


Teams typically go through stages known as Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing. Storming is a natural cycle with potential benefits if a team can get past its internal challenges. Most teams do not get beyond this conflict stage because they don’t have the knowledge or the skills to do so.

Leadership Hawai’i Team Development Coaching is designed to enhance the overall culture of your company by turning your teams into high-performing teams. We partner with you and your leadership staff to transform potential into success by defining company vision, values, and goals, and then developing the action plans to get there. The effectiveness of the executive team builds the foundation for the organization to become extraordinary and exemplary.


Nina facilitates meetings and brainstorming sessions. She utilizes a concise solution-oriented process for collaboration in solving tough issues and sourcing new opportunities. Team members develop goals and strategies together, and each person is held accountable by Nina and the other team members.

Nina offers assessment tools to evaluate each team member’s strengths and personality styles. The outcome is greater understanding of each other’s communication styles and increased productivity.

Teams often go to the next level in a Team Retreat with Nina. There is something fun and exciting for a group to get out of the office and into a playful atmosphere in nature such as Turtle Bay Resort on O’ahu or The Fairmont Kea Lani in Wailea, Maui. Nina has many choice locations to choose from ranging from resort to rustic.

Team mates bond as they go for sunset walks on the beach, body surf, snorkel, and hike together. Mornings are spent in focused work sessions in a conference room where your team will solve their toughest challenges, learn new skills, plan their next year, and create an action plan for implementing shared objectives.

Reward your team or incite better performance with a one day or weekend retreat with Nina. Your team will hold these memories dear for years to come, and make major strides in co-creating projects and team work.

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