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Mindfulness To Enhance Your Life

In the last twenty years, meditation has come down from the Himalayas into our offices and boardrooms. The practice of mindfulness—deliberate attention to the present moment—has permeated many savvy business peoples’ lives, bringing richness and meaning to an otherwise fast paced, exhausting and sometimes overwhelming rat race. Mindfulness can be brought into your life, too, […]

Death By Sitting

Up until now I have been spending 8-12 hours most days sitting in front of my computer—a habit scientists cite as being as bad for your health as smoking! Outside of those hours I get exercise several times a week hiking, swimming and paddle boarding. At first it was supposed that going to the gym […]

Peer Groups On The Rise

When business leaders are faced with a challenge, nothing is as powerful as peer advice. Imagine a room with 15 seasoned executives, each with decades of experience. That means 400-500 years of business acumen and expertise in the room of a private advisory board meeting —of unbiased and supportive peers. This is the situation for […]

Infuse MINDFULNESS into Your Actions as a Leader

By Nina Cherry and Craig Weber Few things inspire less confidence and provoke more fear than a boss who cannot control his or her emotional reactions. Since our inherent responsibility is building organizations that perform at their best, whenever we behave in ways that that makes it hard for our people to bring their A-game […]

Tips to Own Your Time

1. Clean your desk off every night or every morning before you start work. 2. At that time, write on a pad by your desk the three most important things you need to do that day. Make a fresh page every day. I have a 4″x5″ sticky notepad I use that works really well. 3. […]